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Is your executive & flight
department data protected?

Aviation industry leaders 
providing cybersecurity solutions
for internet threats.

Cybersecurity risks are expanding very rapidly and recently have caused governing entities to address these concerns. The increasing threats and significant data breaches have targeted aviation. The security divisions of major corporations are becoming aware of this significant problem. 


The company’s internal security does not always trickle down to the specific divisions within the company such as flight departments; when they travel in the aircraft, hotels, FBO’s or anywhere outside of the corporate building and need to acquire data remotely through a secure connection.



In 2018 there were 80,000 

cyber-attacks per day.

On average that is over

30 million attacks per year.



41% of companies have 1,000+ pieces of sensitive data left unprotected i.e. banking information, credit card numbers, personnel files, health records and more.

21% of all files are left unprotected and are vulnerable to cyber attacks and identify theft. 



Why is securing your data inflight important?

Focusing on aviation specifically, the most important concern is the corporate aircraft, sensitive data such as logistics, aircraft specific data, crew members proprietary information, maintenance records etc. is  just the start.  It is an open door for a hacker to get in. 


Stop to think for a moment, the reason the CEO utilizes the “private aircraft”  is the protection it provides, shielding the corporation from breaches and security issues.


The blind trust of an executive working through a main server transmitting to the aircraft downloading intellectual property; sensitive documents, contracts, stock reports, health records but if acquired (hacked) could potentially destroy the company’s business.

Exclusive Partnerships

FlightStart Solutions is offering a complete menu of comprehensive cyber security services catered to aviation base corporations through joint venture partnerships with worldwide global leaders. 
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75 years of unleashing the power
of technology to lead us into
the future.

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