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Urban Clouds

Aviation Safety & Cybersecurity
Solutions tailored for your business

For the past decade FSS has been the aviation industry's premiere cybersecurity experts providing a holistic approach to data integrity. We recognize that there is a constant battle between cyber criminals who will hack or infiltrate computer systems,  and the security community. 


These attacks have become common place. We have seen it all and are prepared to secure your most valuable property. Your data.  Now is the time to discuss how we can  detect, disrupt and deter cyber-attacks on your aviation infrastructure and secure your fleet.

Survival in cyberspace isn't easy. Does your data belong to you?


1. Intrusion Detection

2. End User Protection 

3. Mobility Access Security

The problem the Aviation Industry faces.

In our modern world, technology simplifies and facilitates the transfer of  information globally.  However, even the most trusted internet services may not be safe. 

With decades of aviation industry experience our team at FlightStart solutions will develop a unique, tailored security solution for your staff, whether it be office executives on the ground or flight crew in the air.

Exclusive Cloud  Server Security Technology

In the modern aerospace industry cloud computing has become ubiquitous. Our extensive knowledge of both the aviation industry and related attack vectors allows us to provide security for accessing the cloud and other internet based properties such as email, banking, document sharing, and other 3rd party servers with the confidence that your data is always protected by experienced professionals.

Our end users worldwide are insulated from outside attackers using a cutting edge blockchain ecosystem of  firewalls and our proprietary token  based protocol to ensure uninterrupted and secure bi-directional transmission of data to and from monitored servers regardless of location.

End User Security

Virtual Desktop Environment (VDE)


Access Security

Access your resources anytime, from anywhere in the world, using common consumer devices i.e. smart phones, tablets, and other internet connected devices with operating systems using IOS, Android, Windows, and other popular  operating systems. Have confidence that your data is secure from end point to end point.

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