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Secure Tier
Server Solution
Upperity works as a registration form and login portal. Its user management and authentication services provides a framework to secure personal and confidential customers information  utilizing blockchain technology to stay compliant with privacy laws.

How it Works:

Clients embed the Upperity solution into their web and software applications allowing customers to register in complete confidence by keeping sovereign their personal information. The customer’s information passes through the client application only when the customer authorizes it and only for the time required to process the information to execute the intended function. When the customer logs out, no information is kept in the client’s database.


Furthermore, there is no possibility of using the client application if the customer is not registered and associated with the entity’s smart contract. This removes the risk of identity theft and fraud because Upperity takes the responsibility to keep this information and smart contracts safe. Upperity temporarily stores customers information, actions taken during processes and their digital certificates in smart contracts within a decentralized blockchain. No information will be stored in database reducing to zero, the risk of theft.

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